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You need to arrange working at heights training in Wollongong for your team, but you are looking for a way to make it as convenient as possible. Scheduling offsite training sessions for every team member is a logistical hassle that takes your people out of the office and away from the job site. Surely there’s an easier way to make sure your employees have this training without sacrificing a week or more of productivity.


At Safety Fire and Medical Australia, we have the solution to your dilemma. If you need to set up a working at heights course in Wollongong, give us a call. Not only can we provide high quality training to fulfil this vital niche competency, but we can also perform that training on your premises. By coming to you and providing training during business hours, we make it easy for you to deliver the same training to every employee at the same time. By cutting out travel times to offsite training venues, we also maximise efficiency and productivity, saving your business valuable minutes and hours.


Perhaps you have a job contract coming up that will involve installing equipment at heights, or maybe you are just short on employees who have the competency to work at heights. Either way, investing in working at heights training in Wollongong is something that can pay significant dividends for the future of your business. Call Safety Fire and Medical Australia to schedule your course today.

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