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In any business setting, having employees who are skilled in basic first aid, CPR, and other medical procedures can save lives. In most cases, businesses have a small handful of employees with these skills. Investing in onsite medical training in Wollongong—and expanding these crucial skills across your entire workforce—is a smart idea. What happens if an emergency strikes and your first aid employee isn’t in the office or on the job site? Even a few minutes can be everything in a medical emergency. Making sure that your whole team has the training necessary to respond to these situations can save lives, improve your business’s reputation, and show how much you value the safety of your employees.


At Safety Fire and Medical Australia, we offer an array of medical and first aid training courses to businesses in the Wollongong area. If you want to give every member of your team a basic skill set of first aid and CPR, we can provide the courses necessary to establish those benchmarks. We also offer additional medical training courses, such as advanced resuscitation, emergency life support and first aid in Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) environments. These deeper and more specialised courses make your employees more valuable to your business and create a stronger culture of safety on every job site.


Best of all, Safety Fire and Medical Australia can arrange to provide training on your premises, to ensure maximum productivity and convenience for your team. To arrange your onsite medical training in Wollongong, contact us today.

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