Onsite CPR Training for Businesses in Campbelltown


Having an employee suffer a heart attack while on the job is a scary experience for the rest of the staff. All eyes are on each other looking for someone to step up and help. By providing an onsite CPR training course, businesses in Campbelltown will be prepared to aid their fallen co-worker. Reducing panic and providing potentially lifesaving techniques are the goals associated with providing CPR training.


Safety Fire and Medical Australia offers basic CPR courses onsite for companies in Campbelltown. We also provide an advanced resuscitation course utilising special equipment that more and more companies are installing in their workplace. Providing CPR to a co-worker while waiting for emergency personnel to arrive can result in a better outcome for the patient. Rather than panicking, employees will learn how to administer CPR to maintain oxygenation of major organs properly.


We offer accredited and non-accredited onsite CPR training for companies in Campbelltown. Our friendly experienced instructors come to your business to conduct the classes enabling employees to learn during work hours. It goes without saying that possessing the knowledge and skills to save a life provides a safer workplace.


Contact us to learn more about our onsite CPR training courses in Campbelltown. Our instructors work with you to provide the training specific to your industry. Providing a safe work environment for employees is paramount and offering CPR training courses ensures staff are equipped for an emergency resulting in less panic and a potentially positive outcome.

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