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Accidents in the workplace don’t have to result in a negative outcome. Having employees trained in first aid benefits everyone and ensures a safe working environment for all, and people with the ability to react positively to a life-threatening situation can only be a good thing. Safety Fire and Medical Australia offers a variety of first aid training courses in Campbelltown to ensure every one is prepared in case of an emergency.


We offer basic and advanced first aid training for businesses in Campbelltown and have courses geared toward schools and child care centres as well as for those in remote areas where emergency response can be delayed due to location. Our trainers offer a basic CPR course as well as an advanced resuscitation course utilising specific equipment. In addition, we offer courses for electrical environments.


Our friendly experienced instructors can tailor courses to your needs (both accredited and non-accredited). We advise businesses on the best courses for their industry, ensuring employees are trained to react positively in an emergency. Our first aid certificate courses available in Campbelltown cover any due diligence.


With over 30 years of active experience in the emergency services industry, you are assured to receive the very best first aid training available in Campbelltown. Contact us for more information regarding our courses and how they will benefit your business. Having employees trained in first aid ensures a controlled response in an emergency ultimately preventing further injuries and saving lives.

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