The Benefits of CPR Training in Wollongong


If you want to maximise safety at your workplace, it’s essential to ensure there’s always a trained first-aid member of staff on-site, especially if you work in a hazardous industry in which accidents are far from rare. If an employee has a heart attack (cardiac arrest), administering CPR in the first few moments is crucial. Thanks to CPR training in Wollongong, you can make sure that anybody who requires emergency treatment can receive it instantly. In short, CPR training could help you save somebody’s life.


At Safety Fire and Medical Australia, we provide accredited and non-accredited CPR training to Wollongong businesses from a broad range of industries, tailoring courses to suit your company needs. We can either deliver our courses at your site or one of our locations in NSW. With over 30 years of experience in the emergency services industry, nobody is better placed to provide CPR training than our professionals.


CPR isn’t just used to treat people who have a cardiac arrest. It can potentially save anybody who isn’t breathing, which can result from:

  • Heart attacks

  • Choking

  • Drowning

  • Head, neck and back injuries

  • Electrical shocks

  • Strokes

  • Bleeding

  • Allergic reactions

  • Drugs and toxic chemicals


If you want to find a CPR course in Wollongong, there’s no better company to call than Safety Fire and Medical Australia. We offer cost-effective prices, quality training, and a friendly service. We also only hire highly qualified professionals to teach your employees the correct method of CPR. Learn more about CPR training in Wollongong by calling 0411 656 489.

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