Keep Your Employees Safe by Requiring Chainsaw Training in Wollongong


Do you have a job or project coming up that will require extensive use of a chainsaw? If so, making sure your team members are prepared to operate this equipment as safely as possible is a must. A chainsaw is a tool that can create many safety hazards if the operator does not have the knowledge or experience to reduce or eliminate those hazards. At Safety Fire and Medical Australia, we can provide chainsaw training in Wollongong to prepare your workers for the responsibility that comes with operating such a powerful and dangerous tool.


Numerous factors contribute to the risk of using a chainsaw or working in the vicinity of a chainsaw operation. It goes without saying that chainsaw blades are sharp and can cause a lot of damage. Other risks, though, are less understood—at least among people that have not gone through chainsaw training courses in the past. Chainsaws are heavy and can cause back injuries if not carried correctly. Chainsaws are loud, which can lead to hearing damage. Cutting with a chainsaw can kick up debris, which can lead to eye injury. Finally, because chainsaws are so powerful, they tend to have a bit of a kick, which can lead to injury if the operator isn’t braced for it.


At Safety Fire and Medical Australia, our chainsaw training in Wollongong is designed to help workers understand these risks and take them seriously. We also teach ways to mitigate risks, helping your workers learn to operate chainsaws safely and effectively. To learn more about this type of training, contact us today.

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